If we’re talking about COVID19, soon, I think. I think Omicron is going to save us. If we’re talking about fascism, probably never. 

Nearly two years ago I suggested that we would be better off if we let the virus burn fast and hot, quickly getting us to herd immunity and beyond. Instead, the powers that be chose the path of lockdown, telling us whimsical stories of how vaccines would save us. While those vaccines now seem to be less effective than we were told, Omicron–that insanely infectious yet comparatively mild variant–might finally bring us herd immunity through mass infection.

As for fascists, I don’t think they’ll ever stop.  It’s not in them. They’ll never admit that their COVID strategy was flawed and likely caused more harm than good.  Even now, with record case counts, HCPSS is not going to shut down (I agree). Why?  They’ll never admit it, but it’s because they now realize how horribly destructive the first shutdown was. They know that going back to a lockdown will cause more teachers to quit, more students to fail, and more money to be spent. No, they won’t admit defeat and back off. They won’t credit Sweden and Florida with making more rational choices. They’ll simply rewrite history to make it look like they have everything under control. They love control.

More of the Same

Just before Christmas of this year, news circulated that Montgomery County leaders were considering requiring vaccine passports. On 26 December, Howard County fell under another mask mandate in public places. A day later, the head of the U.S. Drug Cartel, Dr. Anthony Fauci told news outlets that the U.S. should consider vaccine mandates for air travel. That same day, all the major media outlets, in goosestep, began to chant warnings about COVID cases among the children.  It’s all just more of the same: masks, vaccines, and children; no discussion of treatment.

The latter issue, rising cases among children, is the same eyeroll-inducing rhetoric we heard 18 months ago, when people realized that the virus was primarily targeting the elderly and the ill. The establishment was angry that we weren’t afraid, so it began to spread contrived stories about kids dying en masse. However, according to the CDC’s own statistics, which are likely inflated to begin with, only 790 of the 807,773 deaths from COVID19 in the U.S. were among children aged 0-18. That is 0.099%. Keep in mind that that is 0.099% of the roughly 1% of people who die after contracting COVID, meaning that a healthy 10 year-old has less than a 0.00099% chance of dying from COVID after contracting it (that’s less than 1 out of 100,000). While children can become gravely ill, it is statistically unlikely, especially if we consider the growing evidence that the Omicron variant is less lethal than Delta and other predecessors. 

Origin Story

It has now been nearly 2 years since this circus started, when we heard the first reports that Chinese bats spread germs to unsuspecting market-goers in Wuhan, China, just a stone’s throw from a level-4 virology laboratory, which, coincidentally, was studying coronaviruses. The fascists, at the time, demanded that every man, woman, and child confirm their faith in the rogue bat theory. Anyone who suggested that the virus escaped from a lab was a #Racist.

 I imagine it something like a twisted version of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, where all of the people of the surrounding village start dying of chocolate poisoning from “contaminated groundwater,” and Mr. Wonka’s #Scientists assured the population that bat guano actually contains chocolate; so, the poop must have leached into the aquifers. Rumors that Fauci-funded chocolate research was being conducted in Wonka’s factory were completely unrelated. 

U.S. War on Germs: The Consequences

Early in the pandemic, the strategy was all about “flattening the curve”: we had to close schools, shut down factories, and sit at home watching Tiger King, while ordering all of life’s necessities through Amazon (it’s interesting how the Progressives, who hate Amazon, helped Bezos get $80bil+ richer) from the safety of our homes. Everyone needed to mask up, despite Fauci’s own admission that masks don’t really do much other than make people feel better. 

Unemployment skyrocketed, businesses shuttered, children were put in isolation, and Americans got fat. Most Americans didn’t care, at the time, because they started receiving excessively generous unemployment benefits and economic stimulus checks. They have been conditioned to believe the official narrative, so they were scared out of their minds. They’re also ignorant of basic economics, so they were clueless as to the implications of a lockdown. Meanwhile, international famine rates ballooned, and we effectively killed poor people by disrupting the international economy and supply chain. We’ll never know the true cost in dollars or lives; we’ll only have inflated COVID case statistics.

Remember how Sweden was hated for its laissez-faire approach to COVID-19 restrictions and mandates? Its death rate stands at 1.1%, 27% lower than that of the United States (1.5%).  

Vaccine, I Only Have Eyes for You

We never openly discussed treatment options, and, as Americans, we still don’t (except among the #ConspiracyTheorists). Social media pundits who offer up alternative viewpoints are being banned; even U.S. Congress representatives are being banned.

Donald Trump made a couple of suggestions about treatment options, but he was immediately mocked for anything that he said, even though the Chinese had reportedly achieved some success with some of those same treatments. Still, the establishment media, under the control of the drug cartel, could not concede anything to El Presidente. Instead, the discussion has always revolved around developing a vaccine: our only hope, we were told, would be the miracle of a vaccine. 

What I still find odd is that under the Trump administration, many of the liberal politicians (VP Kamala Harris included) went so far as to say that they would not take the vaccine if Trump told them to do so. I agree with the sentiment: “Don’t trust the State; do not blindly obey.”  But now Biden wants to push vaccine mandates and we’re expected to comply?

Trump himself caught the virus, and he, much to the dismay of liberals who wanted him dead, recovered very quickly, despite being old and slightly obese. Why? Today we know that it was probably due to the monoclonal antibodies which he, and many other big names, received intravenously. Non-vaccinated podcast host Joe Rogan also had a remarkably quick recovery when he also took monoclonal antibodies, along with a cocktail of other things. Still, how many of you have even heard of monoclonal antibodies?  Go on, ask a friend, preferably a liberal one, and they likely won’t know what you’re talking about, or they’ll call you a conspiracy theorist for suggesting that anything other than the vaccine could help (wasn’t it the Progressives, a la Jenny McCarthy, who were once the anti-vaxxers?).

Mr. Rogan also took Ivermectin as a treatment, as have many others. Ivermectin, considered one of the world’s safest drugs, administered billions of times and winning a Nobel Prize for all its miracles, was mocked and ridiculed by the cartel’s propaganda machine, and derisively referred to as “horse dewormer.”  This, even though millions of Africans have taken it to cure river blindness (Nigeria’s death rate–1.2%–from the virus is nearly 20% lower than what it is for the U.S.: 1.5%). Sure, I’ve used ivermectin as a dewormer, but it’s not a one-trick pony. Now it’s increasingly difficult to purchase, even if my horses need deworming.

Is Ivermectin effective? Who knows; we’ll never get an unbiased answer. While it’s hard to find the truth due to contradictory media reports, it appears that Japan (where Ivermectin was discovered) is now using Ivermectin (as have parts of India) with promising success. Japan has certainly flattened the curve; and it started in August 2021, just after it began to allow ivermectin usage. Perhaps this is a coincidence, but it’s interesting:

Japan COVID-19 data as of 3 January 2022 (source: Google)

It seems to me, and probably many others, that this whole crisis has really just been about the vaccine, even if it means letting people die due to lack of other treatment options. I say this because, while other countries around the world experiment with a variety of treatments, with varying success, the U.S. establishment denounces anything that isn’t a vaccine. Yet, how effective has the vaccine been?  I, regrettably, got the vaccine just as I was told to do, as did the vast majority of others. Yet, almost 2 years into this, we are again experiencing record numbers of daily cases. These cases aren’t just among those evil anti-vaxxers, they are also cases among those patriotic Americans who got 2 doses, were first in line for the booster, and asked Santa Claus for another booster as soon as possible! 

Despite all of that, let’s look at how the U.S. has flattened the curve:

United States COVID-19 data as of 3 January 2022 (source: Google)

This is also despite the fact that most schools, Howard County included, as well as all government offices, are still requiring masks of all and vaccinations of its athletes and teachers. What gives?  The vast majority of people have followed the guidance, yet we are worse off now than we were 21 months ago. Some of our children have not seen their friends’ faces in almost two years. They cannot see their teachers’ lips as they’re teaching. I don’t even want to think about how horrible this has been for pre-school and kindergarten children who are trying to learn to speak. Yet, if the cartel can get away with this, they’ll have succeeded in controlling us.

How many shots are we going to have to get? Will they start mandating boosters too? Will the government seize control of Chik-Fil-A and turn it into an efficient drive-thru jab clinic?

There is growing evidence that natural immunity from infection is far superior (one Israeli study suggests as much as 13x more effective); maybe Omicron will spread so fast that we’ll acquire herd immunity that way, rendering the vaccine obsolete.

The Arm-Chair Dictators

As if it’s not bad enough that we have the overlords and their anointed #Scientists breathing down our necks and manipulating news media so that we’re accosted on a daily basis about how much more we should fear the outside world, we’ve got their cheerleaders who sit as arm-chair dictators, cursing those who don’t get the vaccine, punishing children for not properly wearing facemasks (as if the child really wants to be in school in the first place), and just otherwise making life miserable for themselves and everyone around them.

Who are these people? They are the ones who just several years ago wanted to bring down capitalism through #OccupyWallStreet. They were the champions of Eugenics, under the wing of Margaret Sanger, who sought a century ago to purify the race by preventing some people, especially those of color, from having children. They’re the same ones who lied about the causes of heart diseases and made our country even sicker than it was. Now, by rallying to support mandatory vaccinations, censorship of the press, and increasing authority for the State, they support text-book fascism. In Pfizer we trust! I’m sure many of them are well-intentioned, but the establishment overlords are master manipulators, capable of forming these do-gooders into armies of oppression.

What ever happened to the “my body my choice” belief? Why doesn’t that extend to vaccines? If I, as a parent, am concerned over the safety of the vaccine (not that our government has ever lied to us, am I right, my brothers and sisters of color?) and am not confident enough in its efficacy that I believe it to be worth the risk, why can’t I opt out?  Why is it morally acceptable to end the life of a fetus, but not morally acceptable to refuse an injection of government juice? What is it about you, Mrs. #Vaccines4Life, that gives you the moral authority to determine (even if through a vote) what goes into my body?  Tend to the weeds in your own garden before sending Monsanto’s crop dusters into mine!

So, what is it about these morally depraved live-in-glass-houses-yet-throw-stones champions of social contract theory? My guess is insecurity and deep-rooted shame. They’re filled with envy, bitterness, and malice. They want things, but aren’t willing to work to get them. Instead, they support that criminal institution that they call a government, and beg for its mercy; they cast votes in hopes that their benevolent State will steal the money from other people. They want the wealth spread around, as if it’s a jar of peanut butter with a finite quantity. They cannot fathom the concept that wealth and prosperity can be created and expanded as an ever-expanding pie.  If only they spent as much time building themselves up as they do trying to tear others down, perhaps they’d be “wealthy” too…whatever that means to them.


I guess it’s in our nature to want to believe the authority figures. We cling to the idea that democracy only appoints wise, well-intentioned leaders to control us. Is it because self-reliance is hard? Is personal responsibility too risky? Is it just easier to let someone else drive and then blame them when we don’t reach our destination, or worse, die in a fiery auto crash?

Maybe we need to check our faith in authority. There is little harm that comes from believing in Santa Claus; I’m not sure the same could be said for believing in those to whom we’ve ceded control of our own destinies.

At a local level, I’m sure Calvin Ball is well-intentioned, but he is just a puppet, a pretty face with political aspirations. Elections only change puppets; the establishment remains unchanged.

West Howardshire, a Beacon of Hope

Should Montgomery County, the model of centralized authority, mandate vaccine passports, that will just give me one more reason to stay on the enlightened side of the Little Patuxent. #HoCoDining4Life

One thing that I have always loved about West Howard is that we generally live our lives without asking permission. We don’t need benevolent overlords to control us. We were the first in Howard County to strip off the damn masks. We were first in the county to pack it in at sporting events. Even at away games, Glenelg parents outnumbered those of the home team. Why? Not because the Gladiators are careless about life, but because we care about living. Life as prisoners, as pawns of the cartel, is not worth living.  We cannot be perpetually afraid of our own shadow and the shadows of those around us. We cannot continue to avoid family and friends.  We cannot continue killing local businesses.  Most importantly, we cannot continue modeling cowardice to our kids.

Call to Action

First, to those living under hostile conditions in Columbia and Montgomery County, please know that you are always welcome in West Howard as refugees; we only ask that you check politics at the door.

With that out of the way, I propose that we start to fight back. Fight back against thought control. Dig deeper beyond the headlines (or maybe just ignore the news altogether); question everything you read and hear. Demand sovereignty of your own body and fight for your children. Oh, and dare I suggest, engage in open discussions about it.

I’m not saying that you should not get the vaccine; I am saying that you make it a choice. Depending on your health and circumstances, getting the vaccine might be wise. Many of us could lose our jobs if we don’t get the vaccine; you must weigh the risks.

Instead of wasting energy on political theater, spend it on living your lives to the fullest. To quote Andy from Shawshank Redemption, “It comes down to a simple choice, really: get busy living, or get busy dying.”